Klaus Long Life Service


Our perfect service guarantees a high longevity of your car parking system. If you have any problems with your car parking system, don’t worry, there is a solution. You can rely on our king-size service package which is renowned for its efficiency.

What you can rely on:

  • Technical leader in quality

  • Area-wide service network

  • Professionally trained team

  • Short response times for customer requests


Your Multiparker has a lot to stand up to. Because not only your vehicle leaves it's mark through daily use, but also moisture, salt deposits, and mechanical damage take their toll over the years.


If you want to protect your investment and guard against bad damage, then you should cast a critical eye over your Multiparker every now and then. Deficiencies detected early can be rectified quickly and cheaply.


After checking the following:

  • Is the platform dirty?

  • Are there signs of hydraulic oil leakage?

  • Is water present in the pit?

  • Does the platform have cracks or splits or does the platform show signs of salt corrosion?

  • Does it make strange noises?

  • Does the control unit work properly and can it be locked?

  • Are the railings ok?

  • Do you have the newest version of the operating manual?

If you notice a degradation in performance, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service for help.


If you possess an old system which is about to break down, we can deliver our highly qualified system in no time. We can recommend the system type "Exchange 2002 – 2003" and we are sure that this system will meet your demand.